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Non-Profit Solar Installation in Northern California

SunPower® by Hooked on Solar Helps You Harness the Sun

As a Church, you qualify as a 501(c) organization and are therefore tax exempt. This tax exemption status is very helpful, but a lack of tax liability makes it impossible to monetize the 30% investment tax credit. Instead of paying 70% of the total cost of a solar system, you would have to pay 100% of the cost. This is a problem for churches and it makes purchasing solar difficult to justify.

As a 501(c) organization, you cannot monetize the depreciation of your solar project. Solar becomes more affordable when this tax incentive can be utilized, but churches do not qualify.

The solar industry is a young market with few barriers to entry. This has resulted in hundreds of solar companies that are entering the industry with varying degrees of expertise, dedications to quality, and integrity. SunPower® by Hooked on Solar is a family owned company with roots in custom home building for over 30 years. With our Northern California non-profit solar experts' level customer service, installation quality, and service excellence; SunPower® by Hooked on Solar became a Master Dealer 2015. This is a SunPower invitation only and the highest level of SunPower dealer. Out of over 500 SunPower dealers there are only 20 Master Dealers in the U.S.

A Financing Solution Designed Specifically for Churches

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a 25-year written agreement to purchase solar generated electricity at a set rate that is lower than the local utility provider. In a Power Purchase Agreement, SunPower® by Hooked on Solar will own your solar system, and will maintain the solar equipment. You only pay for the solar power that is produced. This program would be as if there is a “micro utility company” on your property, and you are purchasing clean energy from that utility at a cheap, predictable rate instead of your utility company. There are many benefits to this type of financing, as it provides excellent solutions to the specific obstacles that face churches.

Third party owner will monetize tax credit and incorporate that discount into PPA rate Having a third party owner that can monetize the 30% tax credit and incorporate that discount to the PPA rate allows the church to benefit from the tax credit in a way that other financing does not.

Third party owner will monetize depreciation and incorporate that discount into PPA rate In the same way that they can utilize the investment tax credit, a third party owner will monetize the depreciation and incorporate those savings into a lower PPA rate.

Do Your Part to Change the World,
and Make Money Doing it!

  • When your referral goes solar, you BOTH get $500!
  • Top Advocates get free party bus rides to awesome events
  • Enjoy wine tasting, sporting events, and pub crawls on us
  • Easy online sign up and mobile app for your convenience

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The Benefits of SunPower by Hooked on Solar

  • We put the power of the sun on your property
  • Solar savings with $0 down payment
  • Start saving from day one with truly efficient panels
  • Combat rising utility costs with solar technology
  • Client satisfaction & excellent customer service
  • Lower fixed monthly energy costs
  • Multiple financing options for your budget
  • Thousands of jobs in over a decade of experience
  • Experts in clean, renewable energy solutions
  • Intelligent, beautiful designs that last years

A Company Dedicated to Quality & Integrity

SunPower® by Hooked on Solar was founded by a father and son team who started in high-end, custom home building over 30 years ago. They built their company through organic, referral-based business practices where the customer comes first. Since the company’s inception, quality and integrity have been paramount. This philosophy has been the same at SunPower® by Hooked on Solar and is the primary reason for our growth and success.

At SunPower® by Hooked on Solar, we take tremendous pride in doing what is right for the customer. Rest assured that we have done our due diligence to provide the best solar solution available for churches just like yours. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your congregation with the most economical solar power and the best service available in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can SunPower by Hooked on Solar save me money?

    Investing in energy efficiency is a worthwhile endeavor, especially when you trust state-of-the-art, long-lasting SunPower photovoltaic panels. Our Northern California solar experts work to give you the fastest possible return on your investment. Going solar may be able to greatly reduce your energy bills or eliminate them entirely.

  • How much do solar energy systems cost?

    Your costs vary based on the size of your residential or commercial property, its position to the sun, and your energy needs. Our experts always look at all these variables and more to design a solid system to works best in your unique situation and can bring you savings for years into the future.

  • What are the benefits of going solar?

    The number one benefit we hear from our clients is that they are able to save money on their energy bills. However, you are also doing your part to protect the environment and go green, ensuring a cleaner future for your children.

  • Are financing options available?

    Yes! SunPower® by Hooked on Solar offers a number of financing options to meet almost every budget, including zero down so you can start saving immediately. In addition to this, you could qualify for federal and state tax credits that can save you almost 50% on the initial costs of your solar energy system.

  • What makes SunPower PV panels different?

    SunPower is committed to using the latest technology to design beautiful, efficient photovoltaic (PV) panels that harness the most energy from the sun. These panels deliver unsurpassed results based on your custom, intelligent energy design

3 Easy Steps to Go Green with Solar

  • Get Your Free QuoteWe come to your home or business to design a beautiful solar energy system that captures the most solar energy.

  • InstallationUsing state-of-the-art technology and the best resources in the business, we are usually able to design your new energy system within one day.

  • Start SavingWe make sure your new system is fully up to our high standards before we flip the switch on your potential savings.

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